2019 in Review: Marketing Campaign Styles

Our Favourite Marketing Campaigns of 2019

What better way to reflect on the past year than through marketing campaigns that really made an impact? Here at Graphic Power we are doing just that. As a team, we have collected each of our favourite campaigns that really stood out to us this year. Despite being a team of very different tastes and interests, finding a top 5 marketing campaigns of the year was actually pretty easy.

These marketing campaigns are innovative, super engaging with their audience and ultimately left a lasting impression. Some unnecessarily caused controversy, such as Greggs and their Vegan Sausage Roll, a very simple creation that sent the UK, and Graphic Power offices, into turmoil. Other campaigns made us consider a whole turnaround of our home, whilst others simply to just pull at our heart strings.

Here is the round up of our top 5 marketing campaigns from across the year:

IKEA - Real Life Series

First up is this brilliant campaign from Ikea. The “Real Life Series” brought iconic living rooms to real life solely with Ikea furniture. This creative marketing campaign didn’t quite inspire us to redecorate our home to replicate Rachel and Monica’s living room, but it did catch our eye and brought to light that Ikea really do stock…everything! In a world where we are constantly scrolling through reams of social media content, the creativity of this campaign stood out to us and forced us to stop and take a second look. Very eye-catching! Ikea carefully exploited the popularity of hit TV shows to grab our attention and encourage a discussion about interior that we can all relate to.

Cadbury - Donate Your Words

Cadbury stripped it right back this year and drew attention to loneliness in the UK. After partnering up with Age UK, Cadbury wiped away all of the words on their chocolate bars in a pledge to talk to those who are lonely around you. This campaign was emotive and we loved how Cadbury used their marketing platform for a good cause. This really increased their brand credibility and brought attention to issues that need addressing in the UK.

Greggs - The Vegan Sausage Roll

Greggs successfully turned the UK into meltdown this year. If we ever needed a distraction form Brexit then this certainly delivered. Their ‘Vegan Sausage Roll’ was loved by some and seemingly hated by many, but this made their campaign even more successful. From the fantastic PR box that looks just like high tech apple products to their witty customer service Twitter account, Greggs really took centre stage this year on the marketing front. A divide was created in the Graphic Power office, vegans and meat eaters went to war with each other over whether this baked good was revolutionary or defeating the object of a good old sausage roll. But, as our Social Media Manager, Alex, said “any press is good press”… 

John Lewis - Christmas Advert 2019

As per every year, the anticipated John Lewis Christmas advert did not disappoint. A young dragon, Edgar, ruins Christmas with his unstoppable fire breathing until a perfect Waitrose Christmas Pudding requires cooking. Edgar eventually saves Christmas after melting the hearts of the nation. John Lewis created a full range of Edgar merchandise following their advert in the hope to create perfect gifts this Christmas. As always, the advert was emotive, heartwarming and adorable, really putting us in the Christmas spirit, and encouraging us to eat Christmas pudding… As if we needed an excuse.

Samsung - Connect your Galaxy

Samsung’s glimpse into the future this year made an impact on us for its creativity. This marketing campaign perfectly advertised the amazing new gadgets you could buy from Samsung. The best part of this advert for us was Samsung’s consistent inclusivity. We notice how Samsung incorporate a broad demographic of different cultures and abilities throughout their adverts, and this one was no different. The heartwarming story behind the gift of technology pulled on our heartstrings and had us sold to their incredible marketing!

We’re excited to see what 2020 brings…

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