A brand within a brand

After a decade of core brand development, Michelin Star country pub the Pipe and Glass tasked us with creating the brand for their new luxury off-site boutique rooms; opening this summer. Quality and luxury are synonymous with the existing brand and sinking our design teeth into this expansive project was very exciting.

The challenge:

Firstly, the new rooms for The Old Lambing Yard are ‘offsite’, unlike the existing boutique rooms situated in the gardens of the pub/restaurant itself. So establishing this difference in location was key.

Secondly, the existing ‘onsite’ rooms now needed an identity of their own. And this branding would clearly work to differentiate between the two hotel room locations.

And thirdly, both these brands two new brands needed to work independently, collectively, and in conjunction with the existing Pipe and Glass brand.

The solution:

A number of design options where presented and a selected route finalised which was demonstrated with two distinct new sub brand identities for each set of rooms. The branding needed to be clean and easy to reproduce in a multitude of environments including signage, social media, web, marketing literature and in room branded material.

The result:

Two new brands that seamlessly fit into the existing branding, each clearly communicating the room location. Clean and simple signage implementing the branding across the entire site and a life-size 'roadside' inspired signpost to point people in the right direction.


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