Exhibition stand design for Amazon Web Services at Sibos 2019

We have worked with Amazon Web Services for sometime now, and have recently designed their amazing bespoke exhibition stand for Sibos 2019. Sibos is an annual conference, exhibition and networking event organised for the financial industry. Over 8,000 business leaders from financial institutions, market infrastructures, multinational corporations and technology partners join together each year for the event.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) came to Graphic Power in the search for an eye catching, standout exhibition stand for the event. Their request was simple: a 6 x 8 meter exhibition stand with an open networking space, technologically developed stand build and a private space for meetings. From the brief, we built this bespoke exhibition stand.

Upon arriving to the exhibition stand, you were greeted with a registration area for attendee’s to register for the speakers and/or private meetings. Following into the exhibition stand, we created a brilliant theatre area. On the wall sat a 70 inch TV screen with a lectern for the speakers. The theatre area seated 12 people and had some cool, bespoke technological instalments. Each seat had a pair of noise cancelling headphones, so all the audience could hear was the speaker on the linked up microphone. This made sure AWS’s speakers were at the centre of the audience’s attention.  

AWS requested a private meeting area on their stand so we created a fantastic office to seat 6 people. This aesthetically pleasing private area had a TV that easily linked and connected to laptops, so presentations were simple and clear to project onto the TV, and we installed a coffee machine exclusive to those in the private meeting room. This stylish private area allowed AWS to offer a 1:1, personal service to their attendee’s during the exhibition.

To the right hand side of the exhibition stand, we thought a bar would attract interest to AWS’s stand. With so many business savvy leaders, we thought it was necessary to ditch the booze so we created healthy fresh juice to entice the audience. Of course, it was a success!  

The headsets and the bar are just two things we offered to make Amazon Web Service’s exhibition stand eye catching and memorable. To leave a lasting impression, we designed some amazing merchandise for AWS. Reusable straws with engraved branding proved very popular alongside the conscious environmental conversation taking place around the exhibition. As well, we created amazing branded bluetooth speakers. This piece of merchandise was extremely well received and ensured AWS’s branding was taken away from the exhibition and into everyones office!  

The exhibition stand was finalised with fantastic build on graphics which highlighted the company name and ethos.

Fitting in line with our eco-friendly, reusable merchandise, during the exhibition we joined an environmentally focused incentive. We teamed up with Ecobooth, a company that will use our plastic waste to build furniture. We are proud to be an environmentally conscious company at Graphic Power and pleased to put our plastic waste to a great incentive!

Overall, our client was delighted with the exhibition stand we created. Buried deep within the ExCeL centre, the AWS exhibition stand stood out at the show and proved to be extremely popular. We created a stand that embedded AWS’s company: sleek, professional and at the centre of everyone’s attention. Exhibitionists were generous with compliments over the aesthetics of the stand and it got AWS the attention they deserved at Sibos 2019.


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