An eagle named Sweagle

The future is digital. Many of us know that, but SWEAGLE are making that idea a reality. A specialist software company in configuration data (configdata), this fair new bird to the software industry is spreading its wings, recently receiving a $3mill investment.

An eagle named Sweagle shows this brand has a lot of personality and is not afraid of heights.

As this business takes greater flight, they needed someone to take the wheel on their branding, that’s where we stepped into the cockpit, approaching us for our expertise and creativity.
Initially we were tasked with creating two roller banners to be used for their event space, by understanding the business and its client we designed and printed the roller banners in- house aligning with the company branding, personality and industry, to create sleek, attractive banners that were informative without being overcomplicated.

Next. Leave a lasting impression, Sweagle knew of our creativity in creating event merchandise and our understating of the importance in creating something useful and tangible for customers to take with them, and so tasked us with imagining an event merch take away that would ultimately serve as a brand reminder, eventually living on customer desks. We decided on stress balls, a useful and potentially fun office addition! Branded with Sweagle the eagle these balls were an ideal stand giveaway, the perfect balance between useful and fun, palpable and small enough to pop in an attendee’s bag or pocket. Simple. Branded. Effective.

Finally, they were looking for sophisticated, engaging printed assets to assist in brand awareness at events. We were starting with a blank page, given only content, this really allowed our creativity juices (or tea!) to flow. This open brief provided us with lots of opportunity and excitement, creating a printed identity for the brand adapting their established identify into physical printed assets, we were soaring now.

We enjoyed being the aviator in this project; it certainly gave us a new perspective.


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