Exhibitions. Crowded. Busy.

Standing out in this environment can be difficult.

Showcase your brands personality through creativity and cut through the noise, get noticed and reinvent how you view exhibitions.  

In a Plaza in the heart of Madrid, MINI teamed up with Enorme Studio to create something which was completely integrated with the brands’ image, relevant to consumer interests, inquisitive and fundamentally creative.

The installation meeting point brings together sleek design and clever sustainable ideas to create a central talking point and a functional piece of art, mirroring both brands core ideals, an effortless integration of branding in a completely new context.
sleek design and clever sustainable ideas

The installation is powered by solar and kinetic energy, includes charging points, a truly impressive experiment on exhibition space.

So how can you apply the successes found in a sleepy Spanish square to your chaotic exhibition halls?

Simple: Creativity.

Think about your brand. Like, really think.

What are your fundamental driving forces and how do they make you stand out from your competitors?

Now, how can you showcase your unique personality in an inspiring and eye-catching manner? That depends on your budget and capacity, but however large or small, there will be something you can create that will align with your brand values and make you memorable amongst the sea of exhibitors. Remember, even small things can create remarkable effects - you don’t need to completely reinvent the wheel.

Go on, flick the kettle on and put your thinking caps on.

P.S Biscuits help with creativity. Fact. (Well, in our opinion!)


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