How to Social-ise

We don’t mean how to go to the pub with your friends. We’re talking social media.

So you are tweeting and you’re Instagramming, but are you grabbing your customers' attention, and more importantly are you attracting more customers? We all use social media every day, personally, but use it in the right way for your business and it could prove to be a valuable asset to your company. Have a little read below at our how to social-use guide and see what social can do for you.

1. Firstly, it’s time to brainstorm!

What do you want from your social media, what are your business goals and marketing objectives– this will determine the type of content you create, which channels you focus on and ultimately how you will measure your social success.

If you are looking to increase your brand awareness or expand your consumer engagement you need to get your clients chatting, especially if you are promoting a new product. That means curating creative content that customers will want to like and share with their friends. Show them something different from old school funny cat videos…

2. Choose the right channel.

Who is your client base and where are they spending their time online? Are they catching up with friend’s life events on Facebook, losing hours on Instagram’s discover page, part of trending conversations on Twitter, looking for informational or entertaining videos on Youtube or searching for the next trend or creative spark on Pinterest?

Where they are is where you need to be. Once you’ve found your tribe, make sure the content you bring is relevant to your chosen channel and your audience. Fill your Facebook posts with slightly longer written content (but without constantly blowing your own trumpet, we know you’re good, no need to shout about it all the time), but not forgetting images. Choose your best photos to light up your Instagram page including those all-important hashtags, (don’t worry we’ll give you the full low down on those in another blog), there’s no point having great photos if no one can see them.

Keep your tweets, short, relatable and if appropriate humorous.
Make it bright, bold and eye-catching

3. Images and video content.

The best way to break through the online noise and make sure your customers see your content is to make it bright, bold and eye-catching. Use relevant, correctly optimised images; sadly that means your Friday night selfies won’t make the cut. Disperse short videos and infographics throughout your written content, after all, no one wants to read an essay when they open their social media app.

4. Keep things moving.

Don’t leave your fans waiting, update your content regularly, and don’t be afraid to change the status quo. Mix up your content to keep your customers engaged.

5. Make it personal

Build your brand’s personality and show off your quirky character, creating connections with your customers and enforcing your brand credibility. Make your posts personal by showing the ‘behind the scenes’ and inviting your consumers into the everyday shenanigans of your company!

Now you have the tools you need to be fully fledged socialite. Remember, be clear on your social media objectives, mix up your content, keep it going and importantly be creative, and see how social media can benefit your brand.


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