How will we punctuate the future?

After the first introduction of the hashtag in 2007, the use of this simple symbol has skyrocketed, and is now a common everyday occurrence even appearing in the Oxford English Dictionary since 2014!

So how can you make this handy signposting symbol work for your business?

Think of a hashtag like one of those giant pointing foam fingers, drawing attention to your content online. Meaning, if included in your social media posts, when people search for that topic your content is more likely to appear in their search, growing your brand awareness. Simple?
Choose your tags carefully

Well, not quite. It’s important to use the right hashtags in the right context. If you’re tweeting, you want to make the most of your limited characters, so don’t bombard your content with valuable space consuming labels that aren’t going to increase your contents reach. Choose your tags carefully, use analytics to see what’s working for your content, where are your clicks coming from? Check trending hashtags on Twitter to see people are searching for and see if you can create relevant content to join in the conversation! Are you promoting some #WednesdayWisdom or reminiscing with a #ThrowbackThursday? These popular trends will help increase your brands exposure.

Be nosey! What are popular people in your industry talking about and which hashtags are they using.?Creating your own unique content which includes the some of the same hashtags, is likely to increase your exposure too.

Create your own conversations, running a campaign, use a hashtag to synchronise your message and allow your band to speak with one integrated voice. Not only will this improve your campaigns effectiveness, by maintaining a consistent image of your brand in the eyes of your customers. It will mean your online conversations stay relevant to your other offline campaigning and promotion. Win, win.

Now, create your online map, use your signposts carefully and help your customer base grow, because who knows how we’ll punctuate our online conversation in the future...


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