Increasing sales opportunities for independent businesses

The Artmarket Gallery is an independent art gallery situated in Cottingham, East Yorkshire. Initially selling nationally throughout the UK, but due to increasing demand and interest the galley now sells internationally and ships art all over the world. The gallery is a long-standing client, who we have worked closely with for many years developing the brand from the ground up. They recently needed our help to improve the usability of the website on mobile and tablet to adapt to changing consumer browsing and shopping behaviour.

We did our research, and through analysing various analytics, we discovered that 57% of the gallery’s customers were accessing the site through mobile or tablet. After carefully, addressing the market and aligning with the client’s business objectives, we suggested integrating Apple Pay. A payment method for art buyers, an opportunity where we felt the gallery had been missing out on a stack of sales.

Backed up with analytical research we integrated Apple Pay directly on the product pages, improving the client buying journey and making it easier than ever for their clients to check out and order their favourite art, using a payment method that suits them. Quick and simple.

The results are already proving successful with sales increasing 30% on mobile and tablet since the launch of the Apple Pay feature.

After the integration of Apple Pay, purchases from mobile and tablet users were up 30%

We didn’t just stop there. Through all of our analytics, and understanding of the customer journey, we wanted to make it as simple as possible for people to move through the Artmarket Gallery website and purchase their perfect piece of art. We moved the gallery to a new payment provider; Stripe. A functional and easy way for the gallery to manage its’ client payments and orders. Clients are now able to request payment links to pay for their art, improving the flexibility of payment options once again.

But we still hadn’t finished. As the business was increasingly selling internationally, we started thinking about their international clients and how we could improve the buying process for those overseas. We recently launched global currency on the site, enabling overseas buyers to view products in their native currency and allowing Artmarket to target global markets, broadening the clientele reach. Starting with the US, as this was the market Artmarket told us they specifically wanted to focus on. This is a massive opportunity for the gallery, and they will receive our continued support as they make the leap across the pond.

We started with one improvement and ended with three, let’s just say we couldn’t help ourselves.


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