Keeping customer reviews front and centre

We have just launched the new website for Rollupbanner. They specialise in large format printed graphics, with a big focus on customer service.

Rollupbanner are the kind of company who will go the extra mile to meet their clients needs — and have the customer reviews to prove it. We designed the e-commerse website with their Trustpilot reviews front and centre. Keeping the sites overall design as clean and simple as possible. Boldly using the brand colour palette, yet introducing small details like the friendly, illustrative hand-drawn icons with plenty of character.

The new site has a dedicated section for the education sector. Where traffic can be pointed though focused email marketing campaigns. The site is fully responsively and designed to look great across all screen sizes, unlike many template services that go for a 'one size fits all approach' - our web developers optimise the site to work across all screen sizes and a range of devices.

This project was pretty close to us, and we are proud of the finished site.
Check out the site at:


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