Meet the Team: Nick - Account Manager

At Graphic Power, we pride ourselves on having a team of specialists, ready for each and every one of your projects. We also pride ourselves on having a workforce that are friendly, and undoubtedly put our clients first to offer an amazing service. In fact, we think our team is that good that you need to get to know them better. We wonder why we should only talk business, why not talk what our favourite foods are, our dream jobs (obviously what we're doing at Graphic Power) and what we love most about our day-to-day role here at this fantastic Hull based marketing and events agency?

First up, it is a pleasure to electronically introduce you to Nick, our brilliant Account Manager (or so the reviews say so…)

Renowned for being the energetic one who’s always thinking of what he can do next to help with exhibitions, design and marketing, Nick's clients needs are always at the centre of his work! Have a look at what Nick has to say about his position at Graphic Power and what he can offer you.

What is your role at Graphic Power?

“I am an Account Manager for Graphic Power which means I work directly with clients on any marketing and events projects they have. Because we are a full service marking and events agency based in Hull, it involves going to see the clients which are based all over the UK. I work closely with the clients on projects ranging from marketing and design to designing and building their exhibition trade shows.”

Nick often travels to different cities and always makes the effort to meet our clients face to face. Any opportunity Nick has, he is on his way to give his clients a personal hand. "What will be will be" is Nick's mantra, and he always makes sure what will be will be a fantastic job, better than any other marketing or event exhibition you could ever imagine.

“I work closely with the different teams at Graphic Power to deliver amazing results for our clients. For our exhibitions and trade shows, I am often on-site for this to ensure that the client is happy and ready to have an amazing show.”

Most satisfying part of your job?

“The most satisfying part of my role at Graphic Power is working with an amazing team and helping to deliver awesome projects and events for our clients. There is no better feeling than working day and night to produce an eye catching exhibition stand or see a website or digital marketing campaign we have been working on come to life and deliver results that exceed the clients expectation.” We have to admit that Nick isn’t all that bad at exhibition stands. Whilst we shouldn’t praise him too much, you can see for yourself just how fabulous his work is by looking at the brilliant exhibition stand he did for Amazon Web Service at the Sibos 2019 conference.

Highest achievement while working at Graphic Power?

“There a few but I would say working with a client to design, manufacture and build three exhibitions back to back in different cities. This involved working with our design studio as well as the production team to plan and implement the three shows. They went down extremely well and the client was delighted.”

Nick’s service is unbeatable: “I always say to my clients that no matter what time of the day or night, I am there to help and provide any marketing or event support."

“There is also another production moment which involved working with the design studio to create all of the graphics for a clients event within one day! It involved a long day and night but we pulled it off and the event was a success!” How about that for commitment!

Yearly goal at Graphic Power?

“I think my yearly goal with Graphic Power is aligned with the company itself. I strive to grow year on year to continue working with the clients I currently work with as well as developing new relationships and bringing in new clients. I always try to be more than just a supplier or an agency with the clients and prefer to build a strong relationship. I much prefer a meeting round the dinner table as apposed to a meeting desk.”

“Because we have such a strong team of designers, web developers, exhibition stand builds and marketing experts, it makes my job even easier and helps me deliver the service I do to the amazing clients we have as well as confidently attract new ones, knowing they will not be disappointed!”

What would your last meal on earth be?

“Hmmmm, the answer to this question has changed recently. If you would have asked me this a year ago I would have, without any hesitation, said Nando's. Hot butterfly chicken with chips, rice, halloumi and olives to start. But, as much as I do still love Nando’s, I would say a very expensive (if money was no object) medium rare fillet steak with some salted thick cut chips and sautéed greens. I am however in the process of trying to convert to be a vegan which is proving tricky! The reason behind this is a mixture of the environmental impact as well as the health benefits and of course animal welfare.”

“All of that vegan statement being said, my last meal would be a steak! I'm sorry!”

If you was a brand what would you be?

“I would have to say a good old Nokia. Drop me as many times as you like and I will not break! There is no getting rid of me!”

What’s your dream job?

“Silly question, I am of course doing what I love! With all seriousness, I do love what I do and the people I work with so I would say this is not very far from my area job. But if I could be or do anything then it would of course be a football. Yes I am your typical teenage boy who dreamt of being a footballer. I loved football as a child but due to my bad knees and hips I had to quit football when I was 18!”

"Another random dream job of mine would have to be a teacher. I loving helping people in what ever I do and to be able to work with children, especially underprivileged children to help educate them and give them the best opportunity to learn would be great! I was a bit of a naughty child when I was at school so I understand what it is like to be written off so to help children like that would be amazing! Maybe in another life ay!”

Money no object - what would you purchase?

“Hmmm, well I weirdly think about this far too often! I have always said that if I win the lottery, one of the first things I would buy would be a Lamborghini but I am slowly swaying more to getting a Tesla as my money no object buy. Just to save the planet!” Nick was the cause of our partnership with EcoBooth, a company that will use our plastic waste to build furniture. We are proud to be growing more environmentally conscious at Graphic Power and glad to be giving our plastic waste to a great cause through EcoBooth!

“I would also love to be able to map out a tour of the world with my friends to see every place I possibly can before coming up! Then I can get home and back to business.”

Are you in need of a bespoke exhibition stand, marketing assistance or events assistance, then get in touch with Nick today! Call Nick on 01482 836777 or send him an email via and he will get to any request. Nothing is too big or small!


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