Meet the Team: Matthew - Photographer

The creative photographer that everyone needs! Matthew is our in-house photographer in charge of creating the amazing content you see across social media, websites and all other marketing for ourselves and our clients.

Whether you're scrolling through the delicious looking Instagram of Sumo Pan Asian, or requesting video content from the Artmarket Gallery, Matty is behind the camera making sure our clients have the best photographs possible. Matty has been with Graphic Power for 7 years, having gone from our Production Assistant to where he is today.

Read below to find out more about Matthew and how he will help with your marketing requests and make your product and content look the best it can!

What is your role at Graphic Power?

“I started at Graphic Power in the production side and getting ahold of a camera whenever I was given the chance. I then completed an apprentice in Creative and Digital Media to help me get to where I am today.”

Matty has been a part of the Graphic Power team for 7 years, having began with the company with no experience or qualifications for the work that he does today. Matty has since fulfilled an apprenticeship in Creative and Digital Media to excel in his profession and now is our in-house photographer, working on graphic design and our go-to for the creative side of things.

“Now, my main role at Graphic Power is photography and graphic design. Most of the photography I do is for the social media channels of our clients so it involves a lot shooting on location. It’s great that we can do this as it helps to build up great relationships with our clients by visiting them to work together.”

What's your favourite part of the job?

“For a creative, it’s a strange way to judge how you’re doing well. Unlike traditional statistics, I get particularly proud when the pictures I take perform well on social media. A lot of our clients rely on social media to advertise their company and products so I feel like I need to capture everything about them in one photograph. Seeing the likes come in and people showing interest in what I photograph is my favourite part of the job, especially when it generates a good lead for the client.”

“I also love seeing websites come together, especially when images are at the forefront of the design. Seeing a finished result after months or weeks of hard work is really satisfying”

At Graphic Power, we manage the social media sites of numerous clients from camping sites to art galleries. Oftentimes, we take over the marketing side for our clients when their presence online is rather minimal, we work together as a team of creatives and business lead people to ensure our clients stand out from the crowd.

What would you consider as the highest achievement while working at Graphic Power?

“I feel like I’ve got the typical working your way up story within a company. When I first started I worked in the production side of things, now we have a full production team! I’ve worked hard to learn how the company works and matching the companies ethos with their strive for a hard working team who are always developing and brainstorming the next best project. So, I think my general progress if my highest achievement, and now I have found a whole new love for content creation and photography.”

“I’ve also tested myself with creating different images and then even entering the world of videography to create a virtual viewing service during the closure of retail during covid. The service has performed so well that the client is continuing with the development and implementation of offering viewings, virtually!”

What is your yearly goal at Graphic Power?

“I have a continuous goal to keep making creative content for all of the social media accounts and websites that we manage at Graphic Power. Before I began at Graphic Power I was never really into photography but since starting I’ve found a real niche and love having new photography projects. I enjoy finding new ways to shoot for our clients whether that be in their restaurants or finding cool places around our local area to keep content looking fresh and current.”

“I always strive to get ‘social worthy’ shots, creating eye catching content to make our clients really stand out from their competitors.”

You can check out Matty’s photography by looking at the Artmarket Gallery’s Instagram or keep your eyes peeled on the social media for Sumo Pan Asian, our newest client with plenty of delicious content to share.

To the serious questions, what would your last meal on earth be?

“Easy! The Pipe and Glass in South Dalton has to be the best place I’ve had dinner. It would have to be the fish pie!”

If you was a brand what would be? And why?

“I like to think Tesla is a pretty good idea for this. Tesla are at the forefront of technology, performing miles ahead of all of their competitors and constantly developing at a rate that is unimaginable.”

“Whilst I’m not saying I am on par with Tesla and it’s creation, I do try to constantly evolve my profession and their creativity and execution is impeccable, an ethos we strive for at Graphic Power.”

“Seeing their creativity really encourages me.”

What would be your absolute dream job?

“Probably an F1 photographer,” says Matty. “I’m a huge fan of the sport and have a passion for photography, so it’s like the perfect combination. Plus you’d get to travel to some amazing am cities around the world and tie in travel with work… sounds pretty ideal!”

Money no object - what would you purchase? 

“I’d for sure hire Bob Dylan to come and entertain the office at Graphic Power, just for the day! A tonne of camera gear and a private jet to fly around the world”

At Graphic Power we have a strong team to cover your every need to meet the best content creation and marketing possible. Looking to invest into your business? Contact our team today to kick start leads, content and generate a new audience for your product. No project is too big!

Call Graphic Power HQ today on 01482 836777 or email via


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