Making the most of seasonal marketing content

When working with our retail clients coming up with creative marketing plans based around up-coming events is a must! Being able to create eye-catching content that results in sales for clients is not only exciting but also very rewarding. As with all our digital marketing clients, we have monthly meetings to ensure we are creating the right content for them and to agree what is the next focus. In January we caught up with Artmarket to discuss our February plans, our focus being Valentine’s gifting. Valentine’s Day gift searches have increased more than 25% since 2015 and with 1 in 2 adults ‘celebrating’ the date in the UK we had a captive audience in mind. We started to plan out which products to promote and how we can do this in the most creative ways possible.

Artists often release special valentine’s day collection or one of limited-edition pieces so with this in mind we wanted to ensure that we include this into our planning. We also wanted to include other pieces that we know people often purchase for gifts or treat themselves too around this time of year.

Firstly, we agreed on which pieces would be on our hit list for promotion, we then planned out social media content for two weeks prior to ‘the big day’ so that there was a clear focus with our messaging. Alongside our usual daily positing to platforms we decided that we wanted to focus on video content, so we created a Valentine’s Day gift guide featuring key pieces that where perfect for gifting. We filmed and created this in their Cottingham based gallery and utilised the beautiful space that they have. From this we then created a written gift guide blog to host on the Artmarket website keeping those key words in mind and we also used that content to create an email marketing campaign to their main mailing list. By re-purposing this content, we manged to reach various audiences through a medium of their choice. According to the search engine Bing, re-targeting through social media increases conversion rates X5 so we wanted to ensure that Facebook and Instagram retargeting was in place alongside a specific Valentine’s Day Advert too. We set a budget for re-targeting, adverts and for boosting posts too which have all lead to an increase in clicks through to the site, new followers gained, new audiences reached and most importantly increased sales.


Gift searches rise between the 7th February to the 12th therefore we had to step up our game around those dates, this included sending out our marketing email, publishing the blog and video gift guides and stepping up the social media presence. As mentioned, artists release collections specifically for Valentines so with this in mind we planned this in so we could post on social as soon as the pieces went live, this resulted in various enquires and these specific pieces selling out within a few days. With CTR being higher two days prior to Valentine’s day we re-shared some of the special limited-edition pieces to make the maximum impact. We know that Artmarket followers love to comment on their favourite pieces and let us know when they are interested in new collections, so we like to always reply and engage with the customers. We often find that regular customers will see something posted on their social media channels and then pop into the gallery to take a closer look before completing their purchase. For those customers who are not local, close up videos of the artwork is often sent over or our designers will happily use a photo of your room and impose the artwork on to the wall so the customer can see what it would look like in their home – this service often ‘seals the deal’ and leads to a purchase.


Alongside our digital marketing efforts, we also designed and created gift wrap so that any gifts purchased where extra special, we also designed and implemented window vinyl so that the gallery made an impact on the high street too. These special touches ensure that our client’s brand and messaging is strong not only throughout their digital presence but locally in their area too. Adding a personal touch can often result in repeat customer therefore the Artmarket always focus on going the extra mile for their customers, whether that being custom printed gift wrap or hanging the art in the client’s home.


Working on monthly projects with the Artmarket ensures that the Graphic Power team come up with fun, creative ideas that stand out from their competitors. Whether its shooting the products in the gallery, filming IGTV or designing new graphics and literature there’s never a dull moment with this client.


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