Social media, marketing and creativity. Brought to you from home!

As we continue to follow Government guidelines regarding the safety of our staff members and clients, we wanted to share how we have coped and adapted to the change in environment and why now is a better time than ever to implement new, creative and innovative advancements to your company!

With exhibitions cancelled, restaurants closed and shops unable to operate on the high street, this pandemic has stretched our creative skills. Our team have continued to create innovative products and ideas for our clients as we all adapt to these uncertain times.

Online demand has increased as the world finds themselves stuck inside searching online more frequently and our screen time increasing to figures we may be embarrassed to share. The necessity for an eye-catching and informative marketing strategy have become imperative to stand out in a crowded marketplace!

Diversifying has been our biggest, but the most creative challenge in these unprecedented times. We have been thinking savvy and working quickly to create some of our most innovative marketing ideas yet. From restaurant takeaway menu’s to launching new e-commerce opportunities, we have designed and implemented new opportunities for our clients efficiently and effectively.

In these uncertain times, one element that remains certain is the importance of communication. Now more than ever we are having to communicate through social media. The necessity for changing our clients social media presence has led to nothing but success. Our clients all have varying needs and we have ensured that each one has its own plan going forward through these unprecedented times. Being on hand to support our clients in any way we can helps us understand their specific needs.

Keeping up with government advice and guidelines can help us advise our clients going forward on how best to proceed. From setting up gift vouchers to changing restaurants to takeaways its been a very busy few weeks. Adapting to the ‘new normal’ has been eventful to say the least however our social team have really excelled and shown the power in social media. Engaging with existing customers while still enticing new ones has been our priority and keeping an upbeat and positive approach has really paid off.

Between ourselves and our clients, Zoom, Slack and FaceTime have been our saving grace. Whether we are trying to launch new online shopping opportunities, or just keeping up to date with each other, the Graphic Power team are working harder than ever! Our communication has been second to none, with both our current clients as well as gaining the trust of new ones. Our ideas have diversified and so has our application and strategies. We are working around the clock to suit all of our clients priorities in a bid to make these times as stress-free and successful as possible.

Creative advancements remain a priority with our clients and that is why we have diversified the e-commerce world with the use of videography. For our client, the Artmarket Gallery, we have thought quick and fast and implemented a virtual viewing feature so their clients can shop from the comfort of their own home and not miss the gallery teams bespoke, personal service! The brains behind the masterplan, Robert, has always wanted to implement videography into the Artmarket Gallery’s website design and this was the perfect opportunity. Our system experts and web designers made this idea come to life with the helping hand of our fabulous photographer, these bespoke videos are available for request by the gallery’s clients!

Finding new alternatives to ensure engagement and accessibility to a website design is crucial to remain relevant, especially with online shopping growing into the market that it is. Online shopping was already a huge market prior to the pandemic, but since it has only heightened. So why not invest some time into updating your website and e-commerce opportunities? Whether it be for the aesthetic and functionality of your website, or perhaps you think you need a creative new way to gage the interest of your clients and invite new clients. Get in touch with our team today to find the best possible solutions. This is a great leap forward for e-commerce and we are proud to have it down to a T!

Alongside these advancements, we created bespoke takeaway marketing for another of our clients. The cosy, 18th century country inn required a luxury graphic for their take away menu and efficiency of implementing the takeaway. We communicated predominantly through social media to those who love, and miss their food! Social media was a platform for creativity too, we create “Cook Along with The Fauconberg.” With the use of videography we created a step by step cooking guide so you could enjoy the Fauconberg from the comfort of your own home. Each day we update their menu and even used this gloomy time to host competitions to brighten up their social media presence on people’s screens!

All in all, the Graphic Power team have excelled in these circumstances. Adapting quickly and effectively to assure all of our clients have the best advantage in these crazy times. We are a marketing agency that is forward thinking and always remaining relevant, even when pandemics hit!

If you need some help transforming your business, website, or social media to suit these uncertain times then get in touch with us today. There is no better time like the present to invest in your online presence. We are a hands on team and happy to see to any of your needs. We want to help you and your marketing queries.

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