Creating a welcome pack

SSCL spans across four UK centres of excellence, providing everything from Finance & Accounting and HR & Payroll to Procurement, whilst also providing specialist client-specific services. They have a goal to deliver £1billion of savings for Government and Police by 2020. In a unique joint venture with the Cabinet Office and Sopra Steria, SSCL are bringing together the best of the public and private sectors, to drive change and transform services.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there.

The first day starting a new job. Navigating the unwritten office rules. Which mug do I use to make a brew? Which shelves of the fridge are out of bounds for my carefully prepared packed lunch? How do I customise my desk to make it mine?

Recently we were tasked with reducing these anxieties, making new employees feel more at home on their first day. SSCL asked for our help in creating a welcome pack for their new starters at multiple locations across the UK.

We started with the packaging, naturally. How were we going to present these gifts in a practical but elegant way? Appropriately we opted for heavy-weight white paper bags; perfect for protecting the contents, environmentally balanced and ideal for branding. We placed the logo on both sides for maximum exposure.

Now just the question of what to put inside them? Practical, lightweight and simple.

First in, an SSCL branded mug; because everyone needs the perfect demitasse for their morning caffeine.

Next, an SSCL branded mouse mat; practical for working and great for brightening up your workspace, without making it cluttered.

Finally, the trusty pencil, the cornerstone of every office environment, helping you scribble down your boss’s long ‘to do’ list for you, and there for you to make monumental doodle creations in meetings (shush, we didn’t just encourage that!)
Practical, light weight and simple

So with branded bags packed and looking particularly smart, they were ready for their onward journey to five different office locations across the UK, gratefully received by fresh faced new starters across SSCL, with smiling faces all round.

We didn’t just take the task set for us as black and white. We wanted to create something that the client and the new starters would find useful, showing an understanding of their experiences and ultimately, something that looked smart.

Looking at the project from the clients and final customers perspective to determine the optimal solution.

It’s the attention to small details, that makes the biggest impact.


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