Top SEO tips for improving your websites searchability

Do you struggle to appear higher in search engines? Does your company want to reach a wider audience and increase your searchability? Our experts here at Graphic Power have created a top tips guide to give you a clear step by step guide on how to improve your search engine optimisation.

Key Words

The ultimate question when beginning your very best SEO quest is to ask yourself, what subject you are creating content for. You then need to consider the variations of how you can re-write and re-phrase that subject. For example, if you are a company that sell bikes your key words could be bicycle, bike shop and bike. Have a think about how others might talk about or describe your product or service and that will be what they will search for. It is crucial to include these key words in your content, title, URL, image names and meta data. In doing so, this will this will help to improve your page’s visibility in search engines.

Name your images

Now, this is a little more effort. Naming images is something that is often ignored and forgotten about however, naming your images before you upload them is a very easy way to appear within image search results. This is really important for those who are in a competitive market as it may lead to product purchases. When naming images, look again to your key words and the key words surrounding act image. Again, by using key words this will improve not only your searchability but also your credibility as the search engines will know that your product and service is something you ‘know your stuff’ about.

Create great content and promote it!

Creating great content for your website is increasingly more important. Good content can improve your domain authority, show your credibility and increase how high you appear in search ranking. Content relating to your product or service (yes, by using key words!) will show that you are an authority on the subject matter, which in turn could pull your content up in the Google knowledge box. If you are answering a question within your content, then when people are researching that topic, your content may appear in search pages which can then lead to higher CTR to your site. Once you have written this great piece of content don’t just leave it sitting there on your website, shout about it - share it across social, re-write it in to shorter shareable anecdotes, link to it in your news letters and email marketing, get that content out there in the world!

Add Meta Data

Meta data is what appears on search engines when a consumer searches for your topic. This text should be personalised and tailored to each page of your website, and (obviously) include key words from the topic of the content on the page. Meta titles need to be of a certain length to have a maximum effect and so should your meta description. By keeping this very specific it will increase searchability and once again make your site a credible source. This can be added to each page on your site and should be reviewed every so often to ensure its remains relevant to your site.

Internal & External Links

To improve your domain authority (DA) you may want to start adding internal and external links to your content. This can be relevant links, like links to other pages on your website alongside links to other credible sites that are related to yours. Linking to high DA pages will show that you endorse their content and in return if sites link back to yours this ensures that yours is also credible. The outcome? Your site’s searchability increases! We love using the free MOZ toolbar to help us determine a websites domain authority, check links and H1 tags too.

Still find yourself ranking low in search engines? Get in touch with our experts at Graphic Power to see how we can help you improve your search engine optimisation. Call us today on 01482 876 003 or send an email to


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