Unique and eye-catching exhibition stand for AWS

Most of us have been to an exhibition hall, we’ve walked rows and rows of stands, all trying to grab the attention of surrounding footfall, yet admittedly they often look very similar. When Amazon Web Services approached us to design and build their exhibition stand for Cyber UK 2019, we jumped at the chance to create something innovative and eye-catching.

We had to think creatively but also logically, the stand needed to be eye-catching whilst also remaining functional, with adequate space for storage and elegant incorporation of technical elements allowing for the display of televisions, all whilst ensuring that the branding and client message was clear and visible.

we jumped at the chance to create something innovative and eye-catching


Fuelled by tea, and already thinking of possible options, we started designing visual concepts in line with the brief.

Working with a 5m×5m floor space we weren’t short of space but it still meant we had to be conscious of how each element would fit together succinctly within these dimensions.

(More tea and possibly some biscuits later..)

Our solution: a three winged structure, custom built and carefully designed to ensure free movement around the whole stand, well lit and clearly branded with Amazons’ ‘AWS is how’ message visible throughout. We furnished the stand with appropriate and comfy stools and tables to facilitate 1:1 client discussions making the space as functional as possible. This truly was bespoke.

We continued the branding and elegance through to the event merchandise, which was all neatly stored away within the winged units when not required, decluttering the stand and ensuring the brand was clearly visible to attendees.

An eye catching deign printed across the wings was effective in capturing peoples attention and we had many people approach us, even in set-up, to compliment us on how creative and unique the stand looked in comparison to other attendees.

From the brief to the design and build, innovation, functionality and elegance where at the heart of this project; and even if we say so our selves we were quite chuffed with the outcome.


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